Can chiropractic care be beneficial to patients with high blood pressure? A recent study by The University of Chicago School of Medicine has demonstrated chiropractic care’s ability to significantly reduce blood pressure amongst study participants. The results of the study suggest that regular chiropractic care can be beneficial in controlling hypertension (high blood pressure).


The study took 50 individuals with high blood pressure who also showed a misalignment of their Atlas vertebra. The Atlas vertebra is the doughnut like bone at the top of the spine, also referred to as C-1. It is called the Atlas vertebra because it holds up the head. It is named after the titan Atlas who held up the world in Greek mythology. Misalignment of the Atlas vertebra can trigger the body’s arteries to contract. This in turn, restricts blood flow, thus resulting in high blood pressure. This vertebra is particularly vulnerable to displacement because it relies on soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) to maintain alignment. Displacement of the C-1 can occur without pain and often times goes undetected.


In this placebo-controlled study, half of the group was given a “fake” adjustment, designed to be indistinguishable from the authentic alignment. The other half, the test group, was given an Atlas adjustment. Neither of the groups’ participants knew which group they were in. The study participants were then fully assessed after their initial alignment and then again after 8 weeks of continued care.


The results showed that test group’s blood pressures dropped significantly more than that of the control groups’ results. These results remained steady throughout the duration of care.  Results were similar to what has been seen when patients are given 2 different blood-pressure lowering medicines simultaneously, but with none of the side effects that are associated with drug therapy. This study suggests that misalignment of the Atlas is a contributing factor to certain types of hypertension.

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