"In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.."
Henri-Frederic Amie
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Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood
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Wellness Based Chiropractic

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Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood’s favorite motto is, “The only life worth living, is the one that makes other lives worth living.”  Not only does she want to improve people’s lives and allow them the full expression of health, joy and abundance, she spreads that love to our beloved animals who have been in life’s most unfortunate circumstances.  She proudly supports rescue efforts and encourages you to make a donation to Emancipet | Spay Neuter Vaccinate to take advantage of the no-cost consultation, exam and 4 view digital XRAYs (if needed.)

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Our favorite breed is RESCUED! Therefore, if you help the animals, Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood will help you. It’s easy! Simply donate $50 to Emancipet and receive $250 in chiropractic care. Yes, it’s really that easy…just print your receipt and bring it to your first appointment.

Consultations are always complimentary and we look forward to your call.
(512) 371-1305