Chiropractic Care: Accessible, Affordable and Beneficial.

Chiropractic care is on its way to becoming more accessible and affordable for patients in need. Leaders of the Chiropractic profession met with congress in Washington D.C. last week to stress chiropractic’s vital role in national healthcare and Medicare reform, and the need to lower costs and expand access to underserved areas and veterans.

“The work that doctors of chiropractic do is a key part of our nation’s health and wellness,” Said Congressional keynote speaker Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.). “We need to make sure that chiropractic care is accessible and affordable to those who need it.”

The health benefits of chiropractic care continue to receive notable recognition for the significant role treatment plays in improving neck and back conditions – two of the most common ailments that people suffer from at some point in their life.

Poor posture, desk jobs, and constantly looking down at smart phones, iPads, and laptops have become a huge contributor to those experiencing back and neck pain. As a result it’s become increasingly pertinent to schedule regular chiropractic adjustments to keep one’s spine and health in check. Experience relief in addition to receiving the tremendous benefits that come with treatment including: boosting immune system, increasing energy levels, relieving muscle tension and decreasing stress.

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